Tony Davis

Tony Davis

Tony Davis

Ideopraxist, artist, designer, typographer, poet...just a few of the words I can spell...

With Genny Early Tony is showing new designs made using laser cut steel for indoor and outdoor settings. Genny and Tony are working on new designs for indoor and outdoor spaces featuring innovate explorations of word, material and idea. This work is showing simultaneously at RHS Chelsea 2023. For more information on their project look here: A Blackbird Sang

Dandelion Clock (left) is a mobile with flyaway seeds surrounding a Dandelion Seed Head. The Dandelion (Dents-de-Lion and Piss-en-Lit) is interesting culturally and in terms of shape. Also featuring mobile concepts based on the ‘Balance of Ideas’. Tony’s video work from the Residency at Oxford University Hospitals may also be on view with voice over by author Michael Rosen. Part of the Group Show ‘Good Vibes’ at the WestOx Art Gallery, Bampton 2016

Tony Davis is an artist and designer (b. 1961) whose work explores relationships between ideas & language, people & places, and objects which interact with these. He is also interested in culturally persistent and resonant themes: books, music, film, and place. He currently trying to avoid the words interdisciplinary, modality, and methodologies.

Some ongoing art projects include: OS – Real or Imagined, a series of altered maps based on Ordnance Survey’s 1:50k mapping of the British Isles; These are the Hands, a residency at Oxford’s University Hospitals exploring the relationship between carers and the patient; Artist Assistants, Art created by unknown people; Gant (but not forgotten), lost gloves now found; Signposts for the Imagination, real roadsigns in aluminium and vinyl; The Encyclopedia of Tony, a complete history of my life assembled from memory, etc…

His design projects include: Elemensus, a brand-new way of playing words and learning the Periodic Table of Chemistry at the same time; Penguin Designs, a translation of the classic 1935 Edward Young paperback design into a range of iconic objects for life; Fuse, a light based on the prosaic nature of the humble fuse.

Tony is available to discuss existing projects, new and site-specific work. 

Further information:
CV: Brief Biog/CV
Telephone: 01865 600926
Website: Tony Davis – Artist



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