How far did the Two Gentlemen of Verona have to go?

How did Moriarty navigate before he and Holmes fell in Reichenbach? And Gatsby, the man who build himself an illusion to live by. Just where was it he lived? West Egg or East Egg?

How did the picknickers find Hanging Rock? Where did the idea of Never Land come from? Did Hiawatha sing by Gitche Gumee or was it Lake Wobegon? Did the creatures need signs to avoid Alice’s Sea of Tears? Are all these ideas lost in the waters of the River Lethe?

Or are we just living in…

If you visit artmorelovely at Heyford House this weekend perhaps you may answer some of these questions and be able to decide whether the setting for our art is more like Northanger Abbey, Doubting Castle, or perhaps Brideshead?

Whilst you’re there, why not also muse on travelling between fiction and fact, reality and imagination, poetry or prose with Tony’s prints on paper and in aluminium. Just shout if you need directions…


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