All welcome for our last day tomorrow Sunday 13 May at artmorelovely!


The scent of wild garlic mingled with the sweeter perfume of the wisteria blossom, giving another sensory experience for today’s visitors to artmorelovely at Heyford House. Tea and cake were eaten by many in the comfort of Rodas’s chairs and benches, on the lawn with the sun’s gentle warmth.

aawchair-e1336850010494-225x300  aawwhitebell-e1336849730249-225x300

It was a day of semi-planned and serendipitous visits. We saw friends, old acquaintances, fellow artists and interested artlovers – even Ralph Steadman and Fiona Bruce chanced to drop in. Some of our visitors were prompted to come by receiving our cards in their North Aston organic vegetable boxes. Others saw the sign on the main road, and took a detour to satisfy their curiosity! Several people had walked along the canal, and popped in to see our show.

aawflowercards-300x225  aawpeople-300x225

To add to the sprinkling of ‘i’ words used to describe our work in the visitor’s book was ‘invigorating’. These young’uns seem uplifted by the experience! Sticky toffee pudding did nothing to dampen the energy levels.

Less wicked, but no less delicious, below is pictured one happy consumer of bread and art (it could be argued that Kath’s sourdough bread is an edible art form, sprinkled with seeds or cheese).

aawgen-300x225   aawkath-300x225


Tomorrow will be our last day at Heyford House, Lower Heyford. Come and share it with us! We have really loved doing Artweeks and are already planning for next year!

Artmorelovely reopens on Friday 11th May

We’re really looking forward to opening the doors again tomorrow and welcoming Artweeks visitors to view our oak furniture, paper vases, signs, photography, linoprints and collage. And to sup tea, either watching the rain splashing off the wisteria outside, or even, fingers-crossed, sitting in warm sunshine on the ergonomically designed smoothness of Rodas’s lovely benches. Whether rain or sun, we promise you a feast for the senses, brain and stomach!

IMG_1953-300x225   IMG_1947-300x225-1

IMG_1955-300x225   Image-8-300x225

7th May – Day Two!

AW2people2-300x225    AWpeople4-300x225

Day 2 saw lots of families and visitors arrive at Heyford House in a constant flow. We even had two art-loving dogs! The sun was bright and conversation buzzed with art and joie de vivre! Much chocolate brownie and carrot cake was consumed (thanks to Dave for delicious baking!). Tony handed out impromptu pieces of origami. Children ran in and out from the garden and around the legs of adults and green-oak tables.

AW2people-300x225   AWpeople3-300x225

All five of us sold pieces of work. We had lovely responses, personal and appreciative. Comments in the visitor’s book dotted all the ‘i’s’ from ‘inspirational’ and ‘intriguing’ to ‘interesting!’ Someone also commented ‘Very different’! Even as we packed delicate artworks away, people were still arriving.


We’re already looking forward to next weekend! We’ll be open Friday to Sunday, 11 – 13 May. We’ll have to ask Dave nicely if he can make us some more chocolate brownies! Come early to sample the art, enjoy the atmosphere, play hide and seek in the garden and relax in the sunshine with a cup of tea.

There are still lots of origami white rabbits to find – so come and hunt yours!

The First Day at Art More Lovely

The sun shone, and log fires warmed the rooms at artmorelovely. Visitors started arriving as soon as the doors opened at noon, and continued to stream into Heyford House throughout the afternoon. As these photos show, this exhibition holds something for everyone, even the cartwheeling enthusiast who just needs some springy grass. Thank you to all the visitors who came and made our day today! Well done to the hedgehog who made the children’s day.

AWcheers-1024x768   AWcartwheel-1024x768

AWhanging-1024x768   AWvase-1024x768

AWsigns-1024x768   AWsign-1024x768



Are Oxford Artweeks places real or imaginary?

How far did the Two Gentlemen of Verona have to go?


How did Moriarty navigate before he and Holmes fell in Reichenbach? And Gatsby, the man who build himself an illusion to live by. Just where was it he lived? West Egg or East Egg?


How did the picknickers find Hanging Rock? Where did the idea of Never Land come from? Did Hiawatha sing by Gitche Gumee or was it Lake Wobegon? Did the creatures need signs to avoid Alice’s Sea of Tears? Are all these ideas lost in the waters of the River Lethe?


Or are we just living in…


If you visit artmorelovely at Heyford House this weekend perhaps you may answer some of these questions and be able to decide whether the setting for our art is more like Northanger Abbey, Doubting Castle, or perhaps Brideshead?


Whilst you’re there, why not also muse on travelling between fiction and fact, reality and imagination, poetry or prose with Tony’s prints on paper and in aluminium. Just shout if you need directions…


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